Architecture oversight for initiative evaluations and technology guidance

An Architecture Review Board (ARB) represents an invaluable governance body for evaluating proposed programs, setting best practices, resolving conflicts and consistently aligning projects with business objectives.

However, the complex interdisciplinary makeup and facilitation bandwidth needs of running ARBs proves challenging for many enterprises to sustain long-term. To assist our clients, we offer ARB as a modular service with access to:

  • On-Demand ARB Staffing – We provide experienced architects, security leaders and process experts to temporarily fill ARB seats as reviewers.
  • ARB Administration – We can fully manage scheduling, agenda setting, document intake and publishing outcomes. Or we can work with you to empower your in-house teams to perform this critical role.
  • ARB Platform Provisioning – We can configure your platform or provide our own tool (SAM) to manage ARB collaboration including tracking of ARB submissions and documentation templates tailored to your workflows.
  • Post-ARB Implementation Support – Our consultants advise your teams on remediation for non-compliant aspects and answer ad hoc queries around standards applications.
  • ARB Education Services – We conduct onboarding, provide frameworks training and can ultimately transition ARB oversight in-house.

An optimised ARB clears pathways for innovation by upholding standards integrity. Our ARB-as-a-Service offers on-demand capacity while instilling effective governance.

Get in touch today and see how our 'Architecture Review Board as a Service' can provide you immediate architecture oversight for projects & initiatives.