Analyse Your Current Solution Landscape and Make Objective Assessments.

Our solution architecture assessments evaluate current solutions against best practices, known deficiencies, flow of data, integration complexity, infrastructure dependencies and other systemic characteristics. Outcomes enable more robust planning:

Requirements Validation – We validate how proposed technical specifications align to actual functional needs while also probing priorities influencing vendor selection.

Infrastructure Evaluation – We model hosting environments analysing utilisation trends for storage, networks and compute whether on-premises, hybrid and public cloud or SaaS deployment.

Data Review and Lineage Mapping – We diagram data creation sources, processing layers, storage schemas, usage contexts. We also consider privacy, residency and lifecycle policies.

Cybersecurity & Access Review – We examine controls, access policies, encryption and vulnerabilities emphasising protection for sensitive application interfaces and data assets.

Cost Benchmarking – We provide comparative TCO analyses associated with solution options factoring license fees, custom integration needs, hosting and staffing implications over defined time horizons.

Risk Profiling – We detail solution architecture risk scenarios including points of failure, disaster recovery deficiencies, vendor instability indicators and upgrade complexities for mitigation planning.

Allowing our experienced architects to assess solutions before additional commitments enables optimising outcomes from solution investments for the long term.

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