Develop roadmaps for current, target and transition architectures to action the business vision goals.

With technology lifecycles measured in months and market landscapes constantly evolving, companies need actionable plans guiding how to transition from current state environments to next-generation capabilities.

Our architecture consultants develop meticulous yet flexible multi-year roadmaps spanning business processes, data platforms, infrastructure, applications, integration layers and emerging technologies.

Key roadmapping activities include:

  • Creating models detailing dependencies between existing and future systems
  • Conducting gap analyses to identify missing capabilities or constraints
  • Evaluating costs, risks and organisational impacts
  • Sequencing transition timelines balancing rapid progress and manageable change

Roadmap elements help teams incrementally bridge the present and desired future state:

Phases – Multi-quarter intermediate stages allowing for modular progress tracking

Streams – Groupings of related initiatives like analytics, cloud migration or app modernisation

Dependencies – Mappings of functionality or data pre-requisites across efforts

Milestones – Major go-live targets for capabilities or decommissioning events

Costs – Budgetary estimates and projections for investment planning

With architectural roadmaps guiding technology change in alignment with overarching business objectives, companies can confidently pursue innovation and next-generation operating models while minimising disruption. Our experts enable turning ambitious strategies into executable reality.

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