Solution Architecture Manager (SAM)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAM a Cloud Solution?

Yes, SAM is a multi-instance cloud-based solution provided as a SAAS. We will create a new instance dedicated to your company. Therefore you will not be sharing your instance or data with other clients. This ensures SAM is implemented to best suit your geographic location, securely locking the access to your company and better manage product updates.

How is SAM licensed?

SAM has a named user license and a concurrency based license (floating user license). You can opt for a combination of both types to best suit your company and how your architecture team operates. The product is a SAAS product, therefore you can easily scale up or down as your demand changes. Please note, only active/admin architect roles are licensed. Read-only licenses are free.

We have chosen our Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools, do I still need SAM

Yes. SAM does not replace your EA or PPM tools. SAM provides unique capabilities to track, manage and measure how well projects develop and deliver the solution architectures which underpin your EA vision. SAM helps you bridge the gap between the EA direction and the solutions developed in the project delivery space.

What are some of the additional insights I will get from SAM?

SAM can help you answer some of the following questions:
  • How much is the business spending on strategic versus tactical initiatives (or architectures)?
  • How many projects are aligned to the agreed standards and principals?
  • How much architecture debt are the projects creating?
  • What is the architecture risk profile across the transformation programme?

Is SAM useful for the Enterprise Architecture Team?

Yes. Even though SAM is not exactly an EA tool, it will provide Enterprise Architects excellent visibility into the Solution Architectures being developed within the project teams. Once the EA’s have endorsed a Solution Architecture, they frequently lose visibility into what is actually being developed within the project. SAM will help address these governance challenges.

We use external parties to develop our Solution Architectures, can SAM help?

Yes. SAM provides limited access levels such as ‘External SA’ which allows easy on-boarding of external architects. This enables you to manage and track the architectures developed by external parties, such as vendors or System Integrators (SI’s). SAM also enables you to communicate architecture principals and standards so that the external architects comply when developing your solutions.

Can I get SAM for free?

Yes, if you get Architecture services from us, we will credit you a percentage of any consulting spend across the calendar year towards your licensing fee. Getting our expert architects to help you with your architectures can easily offset your total license fee. Please contact us to find out more.

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